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Most reliable and expert physiotherapists helping you get back on track.

Orthopedic care Orthopedic Physiotherapy At Home
Orthopedics, aim at the treatment of physiotherapy the musculoskeletal system. This includes your bones, joints, Arthritis, Spondylitis, Slipped Disc & Others
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Geriatric care Geriatric Physiotherapy At Home
Geriatric Care Physiotherapy For age related conditions like Joint Pains, Balance Impairment, General Weakness & Others
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Sports Injuries Sports Physiotherapy
For a wide range of sports injuries like Ligament Tears, Shoulder Injuries, Tennis Elbow & Others
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Neurological Care Neurological Physiotherapy at home
Physiotherapy for neurological conditions such as Stroke, Paralysis, Parkinson’s Disease & Others
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Post-Operative Care Post Operative Physiotherapy At Home
Physiotherapy near me for a seamless recovery post various surgical procedures such as Knee & Hip Replacement & more
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Physiotherapy at Home by Nightingales

Physiotherapy at home by Nightingales helps you to restore movement and function when you or your loved ones are affected by injury, illness, or disability. Nightingales’ Physiotherapists are experts trained in clinical skills to assess, diagnose, treat and help patients to regain mobility. Nightingales Physiotherapy at home provides physio for Orthopedic, Sports Injuries, Post-Operative Care, Geriatric Care, etc.

Physiotherapy at home by Nightingales helps you to enjoy the benefits of physiotherapy without having to go to a Physiotherapy Clinic. Our team of expert trained physiotherapists personally visits you and performs physiotherapy at home in a much simpler, more convenient, and cost-effective way.

Here are the 3 simple ways to make sure that you home physiotherapy session works seamlessly:

Step 1: Keep all the medical records handy for physiotherapy assessment

Step 2: Make sure your physiotherapist knows your medical history thoroughly

Step 3: Select the preferred comfortable area in your own house where you can do the required physiotherapy exercises

Nightingales Physiotherapy at home helps you manage - 

Physiotherapy for Paralysis - Physiotherapy at home for paralysis helps you with increasing muscle strength, stamina and enhance independence with day-to-day tasks.

Correcting and varying different postures to prevent soft tissue shortening and pressure sores Regular standing to weight bear which is good for the bones and increases circulation to the internal organs Teaching wheel chair skills which include pushing and turning the chair, operating the brakes and removing the footplates and arm Teaching transfers (getting in and out of a wheelchair, bed, shower/bath, on and off the toilet) Advice on orthotic devices Hydrotherapy to lengthen tight muscles and improve muscle strength above the level of injury.

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy - The term musculoskeletal Physiotherapy refers to treat the injures in muscles, bones, joints, nerves, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and spinal discs. It helps in relieving pain and help in function better.

Cardiac Physiotherapy - Physiotherapy post heart attack can improve cardiovascular fitness through physical activity. It minimizes the risk of further cardiac events. Exercise would help your heart to pump blood and deliver oxygen to the body. It can lower your cholesterol level and blood pressure.

Respiratory Physiotherapy - Although physiotherapy is one of the best options available to treat these problems. Respiratory Physiotherapy helps in treating most of chronic pulmonary disorders (COPD) cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis, etc. It helps in strengthen the muscles and clear the airways with different interventions. Chest Physiotherapy helps in improving respiratory function by removing thick secretions from airway promoting ease of breathing and preventing infections.

Pediatric Physiotherapy - Physiotherapy plays an important role in helping children to their physical potential and improving quality of life. It fosters well-being and helps to promote a child’s growth and health.

Parkinson’s Disease - Parkinsonism is a chronic and progressive neurological disorder. The patients have trouble performing day to day tasks. Home physiotherapy tool that can help the patient regain more mobility, strength, endurance functional practice and balance.

Post-Surgical Rehab - Physiotherapy at home can go a long way in helping you get back to normal. It helps in improving muscle strength, posture and balance. It helps in reducing the pain with various manual therapy interventions.

Back Pain - A sedentary lifestyle and bad posture, along with Sitting down for long periods daily travel can cause persistent back pain. The same problem can be solved if you start using Back pain physiotherapy on a daily basis will include electrotherapy modalities, stretching, strengthening and low impact aerobic exercises at the comfort of your home.

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Why choose Nightingales?

Proven Methodologies: Appropriate formulation of goals based on globally used physiotherapy care protocols and evidence-based practices for an uneventful recovery. After a thorough evaluation in the first visit, more appropriate goals will be devised.

Individualized Care: We understand that each patient is different and so are their requirements. That’s why we provide you with personalized care plan that caters to your needs.

Save Money & Time: Schedule your appointment for physiotherapy at home as per your convenience with no stress of traveling and waiting.

Physiotherapist Expertise: Our highly trained and expert physiotherapists are passionate about caring for patients and treating clients like family. We pride ourselves on matching the need of your loved one through our customized service.

Personalised care plan: We understand that each patient is different and so are their requirements. That’s why we provide you with personalized care physiotherapy at home plan that caters to your needs.

Patient-centric Approach: Building a therapeutic relationship with the patient and family via effective communication to facilitate patient participation and better outcomes.

Measures of outcome: physiotherapy at home Internationally accepted tools for monitoring clinical outcomes against the benchmark to assure a desirable improvement.

Patient Safety and Quality: Physiotherapy at home Improves overall physical wellbeing, enhances social functioning, ensures routine monitoring of clients in the home environment, and reduces the infection rate.

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Q: Which cities can I avail Physiotherapy treatment at home?

A: We are currently available in 3 major cities in India: Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Mumbai.

Q: How can I book the Physiotherapist near me service ?

A: You can choose from multiple options to find a Nightingales's Physiotherapist near you - Book online, request a call back on our website or simply dial +91 1800 103 4530. Our team will connect you with the nearest physiotherapist in your city who can treat your condition.

Q: What is the qualification of Physiotherapists at Nightingales?

A: We have qualified Physiotherapists with MPT & BPT degrees; all of them are experienced professionals & are well trained in providing home-based care.

Q: How would I know if my condition is improving?

A: Our Physiotherapist measures improvement in your condition over time and recommends next steps, exercises & a course of action for you.

Q: How long does a Physiotherapy session last?

A: Session count and duration depends on the patient’s condition and our evaluation. On an average a Physiotherapy session lasts for about 45 minutes.

Q: If I book a package of 25 visits, can I postpone or reschedule the visits?

A: Yes. Date and time preferences can be discussed with your visiting Physiotherapist. The sessions in the package will need to be taken within the agreed duration at the time of booking.

Q: Can I pay online for your services?

A: Yes. Payments are facilitated with a hassle-free online payment gateway.

Q: What is the price per session for Physiotherapy treatment at home?

A: Our prices for Physiotherapy start at INR 750 & depend on the medical condition, city for the service & other details.

Q: How can physiotherapy help me ?

A: A physiotherapist can treat variety ofissues like Sports injuries, Musculoskeletal, Neurological problems depending upon the Expetis of the physiotherapist. Some of the Common issues that can be treated by a physiotherapist are as follows: Neck pain, back pain, and sport injuries caused by problems in the muscles and skeleton. Problems in the bones, joints pain, muscles pain and ligaments, such as arthritis. Fatigue, pain, swelling, stiffness and loss of muscle strength. Loss of mobility because of trauma to the Stroke or spine, or due to diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis, Post operative exercises after THR and TKR , COPD , Geriaritic rehabilitation.

For enquiries, bookings or support, call us at 1800 102 4224

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