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Blood for Culture & Sensitivity

Has your doctor suspected infection and asked for a blood culture and sensitivity test to be done? At Nightingales you can now avail services for your tests at home.

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Samples required

The blood samples are withdrawn from you and sent to the laboratory for the analysis.


Blood culture and sensitivity test may be conducted any time of the day without fasting.

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192 hours

What is blood for culture and sensitivity test?

Blood culture tests are ordered by your doctor, when a blood infection is suspected. The test determines the presence of foreign bodies like bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms in blood. Common sources through which these bacteria invade include skin, lung, gastrointestinal tract or urine. These pathogens can spread into the blood and at times can cause severe complications. Blood sensitivity tests also known as susceptibility testing helps to find the most effective antibiotic that can kill the infecting microorganism. After a blood culture test is positive, doctors usually perform blood sensitivity tests to evaluate the sensitivity of the bacteria to an antibiotic. This will help to identify which drug would be the best treatment option for your infection.

Why do you need to do blood culture and sensitivity test?

Blood culture test helps to determine which specific bacteria or organism is causing the infection in blood. Conditions like diabetes, autoimmune disease, HIV or AIDS, a recent surgical procedure or an ongoing immunosuppressive therapy can also put you at a higher risk of developing blood infections. Many bacteria are resistant to an antibiotic therapy that is they do not respond to the ongoing treatment. Hence sensitivity test helps to identify if bacteria are resistant to certain antibiotics.

What parameters measured in Blood for Culture & Sensitivity?

Blood culture test identify the causing agent of infection which could be bacteria, yeast or any other microorganisms. Blood sensitivity test tracks the resistance of the microorganisms in your body to the antibiotic and helps to decide which drug would be best for your recovery.

Benefits of lab test at home

  • Convenient for you: You have flexibility to fix an appointment according to your schedule. You can avoid jam-packed traffic.

  • Affordable costs: You get attractive packages and also save the travelling cost.

  • No more queues: Avoid standing in long queues.

  • Trained lab technicians: Get the best quality service from the trained lab technicians.

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