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Physiotherapists in Shivajinagar, Bengaluru

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  • Experience: 2 Years
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  • Specialty :Sports Rehab
  • Treats :Ligament Injuries,Tennis Elbow,Ankle Sprain,Shoulder Injuries,Dislocations,Meniscal Injury,Overuse Injuries,
  • Experience: 2 Years
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  • Specialty :Geriatric Rehab
  • Treats :Joint pains,Balance Impairment,Generalized Weakness,Postural Instability,
  • Experience: 3 Years
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  • Specialty :Post Surgery Rehab
  • Treats :Total Knee Replacement,Total Hip Replacement,Ligament Reconstruction,Rotator Cuff Repair,Fracture Fixation,Spine Surgeries,
  • Experience: 6 Years
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  • Specialty :Pediatrics
  • Treats :Cerebral Palsy,Development Delay,
  • Experience: 2 Years
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  • Specialty :Neurological Rehab
  • Treats :Paralysis,Spinal Cord Injury,Parkinsons Disease,Neuropathy,Multiple Sclerosis,Motor Neuron Disease,Brachial Plexus Injury,

About Physiotherapy Treatment in Shivajinagar,Bengaluru. Types, Benefits, Treatments, Cost & More.

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A bustling, central area which revolves around a hub of 1920s Russel Market, Shivajinagar is a well-known locality in Bangalore. The next prominent bus station in the city after Majestic bus station is Shivaji Nagar bus station. The important fact is that bus services from here are available for each and every part of the city of Bangalore and also to the famous Cantonment Railway Station. Shivajinagar is also a quite busy commercial area. You can find here numerous vendors doing various activities, such as selling flowers, books, electronic gadgets, producing meat, and selling a variety of things. Evening street food stalls and tea shops are other noteworthy aspects of this busy commercial street. Shopaholics can find many stores selling fabric, clothing, and trinkets. Shivajinagar is also home to Gothic-style St. Mary’s Basilica, a sacred place where you can find Catholics praying to the statue of the Virgin Mary. Besides this, Army camp and several government offices are located in the proximity to Shivajinagar. Leading educational institutions, such as Dr. Br Ambedkar Medical College Hospital, Sri Nijalingappa Medical Education Centre, and Mount Carmel Degree College, are present here. A well-maintained area, Coles Park adorn this locality with its verdant, tranquil environment. Ulsoor Lake is nearby and is the nearest water resource. So, the residents of Shivajinagar get to lead a pleasant and convenient lifestyle with every other essential thing at their hand with numerous stores at a walking distance. While enjoying easy living, residents here choose to keep their health in check by opting for modern healthcare facilities, such as at-home regular check-ups and at-home physiotherapy treatment.

Whether it’s a kid suffering from a minor fracture or an aged resident suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, physiotherapy at home is the most convenient which the residents can count on for effective treatment and better living. Qualified physiotherapists in Shivajinagar attend you at your place, examine your condition, and develop an individualized physiotherapy treatment for you. Therapists train you to perform all necessary physio exercises under their guidance and supervision to help you obtain rewarding physiotherapy benefits and expected recovery. Bank on physiotherapy in Shivajinagar, Bangalore to improve your quality of life.

Parkinson’s Disease

If the residents of Shivajinagar happen to suffer from tremors, rigid muscles, a loss of automatic movements, or impaired posture and good balance, they may be suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. It’s a nervous system disorder which affects your smooth movements and quality of life adversely. Slowed movements causing difficulty in performing easy tasks, loss of some automatic movements, such as blinking of eyes, swinging of arms, etc., poor posture, falls, and tremors are some of the concerning symptoms of this condition. However, opting for the best physiotherapy treatment from expert physiotherapists in Shivajinagar can help improve your movements and well-being. Regular physio exercises practiced under the guidance of the therapists in the comfort of your home can help you combat the condition and improve your mobility and overall quality of life.


Another concerning health condition which can deteriorate your quality of life and routine activities is neuropathy. It affects peripheral nerves adversely and makes you experience weakness, pain, and numbness hampering your well-being. The residents of the locality who are diabetic, alcoholic, have auto-immune ailments, protein abnormalities, inflammatory infections, and hereditary disorders, or on certain medications, such as medicines used for treating cancer or AIDS, are vulnerable to neuropathy. Going for effective physiotherapy in Shivajinagar, Bangalore can prove rewarding. Efficient physiotherapists in Shivajinagar will treat you with appropriate physio exercises to improve your flexibility, strengthen the muscles, mitigate the pain, and enhance your well-being. Lead a better and healthier life with physiotherapy at home.

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is another annihilating ailment which can hamper your quality of life, as the immune system eats away the protective covering over your nerves. Dizziness, weakness, pain, tingling sensation, balance problems, bowel and bladder issues, and other discomforting symptoms may affect your health and well-being due to it. However, receiving physiotherapy at home can help you improve your balance, muscle strength, and movements remarkably comfortably at your place. Expert physiotherapists in Shivajinagar will analyze your condition and train you to perform physio exercises, such as stretches to ease or prevent muscle spasms, range-of-motion exercises to bend and straighten your limbs, balance exercises to improve your balance, and other essential exercises to alleviate your pain and discomfort. Lead an independent life by counting on the best physiotherapy in Shivajinagar, Bangalore.

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A popular educational hub home to several educational institutions, Shivajinagar is a prominent suburban area in the city of Pune. Earlier, this locality was known as Bhambvade and Bhamburde. After Indian independence, this suburb was named as Shivajinagar. It offers outstanding connectivity, so it is a locality of high significance in Pune. Famous Mumbai-Pune old national highway, which links Pune to Mumbai, tends to start from Shivajinagar. You can find Shivajinagar railway station, which is a major railway station in Pune, here. Many people commute to Pune via train by accessing this station. MSRTC runs a significant bus station connecting Pune to almost all cities present in Maharashtra and neighboring states. PMPML local buses help you commute to other parts of the Pune easily. Also, Shivajinagar is home to several local, state, and central government offices and reputed educational institutes. You can find here Pune District Court, Marathwada Mitra Mandal College of Commerce, Pune Municipal Corporation, College of Engineering, Pune, Fergusson College, Shivaji preparatory military school, Agricultural College, Pune, and many other prominent establishments. Being a developed locality, Shivajinagar as almost all modern facilities to help meet the needs of every resident here. However, the idea of home healthcare is still in a nascent stage. It’s important to learn that at-home healthcare facilities, such as physiotherapy at home, can help individuals of various age groups, for instance, women residents experiencing menopause with pelvic pain, incontinence, and muscle pain, obtain great relief.

Going for at-home physiotherapy in Shivajinagar, Pune can help women in menopausal phase combat all the discomforts and challenges easily in the comfort of their home. Expert physiotherapists in Shivajinagar treat you with customized physiotherapy treatment comprising pelvic floor exercises and other physio exercises to mitigate your pain and improve your muscle strength and flexibility. Rewarding physiotherapy benefits relieve you of the discomforts, prevent the risk of vaginal atrophy, and help you manage postmenopausal effects in an easy and natural way. Find more about physiotherapy at home by reading this below.

Plantar Fasciitis

A discomforting pain near your heel that bothers you as you walk may occur due to plantar fasciitis. This condition develops due to the inflammation of the tissue which connects your toe and heel bone. Obese and overweight individuals, athletes, such as runners, wearing shoes which offer insufficient support, and performing tasks which require you to stand for long hours repeatedly can cause plantar fasciitis. Treating this painful condition with physiotherapy treatment can help you obtain relief and ease your movements. Experienced physiotherapists in Shivajinagar visit you at your place, examine you, and provide individualized physiotherapy at home to alleviate your pain and improve your easy mobility. Get back on your toes with wonderful physiotherapy benefits.

Frozen Shoulder

If you are suffering from pain and stiffness in your shoulder joint, it can be due to frozen shoulder. The residents of the locality who are recovering from a surgery or medical condition that prevents them from moving their arm are prone to suffer from this condition. Also, shoulder dislocation, injury, systemic diseases, such as diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, or cardiovascular disease, and broken arm increases the risk of developing a frozen shoulder. Opting for effective physiotherapy in Shivajinagar, Pune can prove to be a blessing to heal your shoulder at home. Skilled physiotherapists in Shivajinagar train you to perform all necessary physio exercises to alleviate the pain, improve the flexibility and mobility of the arm, and restore the range of motion of your shoulder joint. Experience quick recovery with outstanding physiotherapy benefits without stepping out.


A widespread pain in your body which deteriorates your quality of life can be due to fibromyalgia. Physical or psychological trauma, certain infections, hereditary factors, or genetic mutations increase the risk of developing fibromyalgia. However, seeking physiotherapy at home can help you obtain relief from the discomforting pain and improve your quality of life. Regular physiotherapy treatment from expert physiotherapists in Shivajinagar helps improve your muscle function, minimize the pain, eliminate the fatigue, and improve muscle flexibility significantly. Perform relaxation exercises, stretching exercises, and other physio exercises under the guidance of efficient physiotherapists in Shivajinagar conveniently at your place of abode.

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