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Physiotherapists in Electronic City, Bengaluru

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  • Experience: 4 Years
  • Serve's
    :Indiranagar,Mathikere,Vidyaranyapura,Electronic City,Madiwala,Koramangala,HSR Layout,
  • Specialty :Sports Rehab
  • Treats :Ligament Injuries, Tennis Elbow, Ankle Sprain, Shoulder Injuries, Dislocations, Meniscal Injury, Overuse Injuries,
  • Experience: 1 Years
  • Serve's
    :Mathikere,Vidyaranyapura,Electronic City,Madiwala,Koramangala,HSR Layout,
  • Specialty :Post Surgery Rehab
  • Treats :Total Knee Replacement, Total Hip Replacement, Ligament Reconstruction, Rotator Cuff Repair, Fracture Fixation, Spine Surgeries,
  • Experience: 3 Years
  • Serve's
    :Mathikere,Vidyaranyapura,Electronic City,Madiwala,Koramangala,HSR Layout,
  • Specialty :Geriatric Rehab
  • Treats :Joint pains, Balance Impairment, Generalized Weakness, Postural Instability,
  • Experience: 2 Years
  • Serve's
    :Mathikere,Vidyaranyapura,Electronic City,Madiwala,Koramangala,HSR Layout,
  • Specialty :Pediatrics
  • Treats :Cerebral Palsy, Development Delay,
  • Experience: 1 Years
  • Serve's
    :Mathikere,Vidyaranyapura,Electronic City,Madiwala,Koramangala,HSR Layout,
  • Specialty :Neurological Rehab
  • Treats :Paralysis, Spinal Cord Injury, Parkinsons Disease, Neuropathy, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neuron Disease, Brachial Plexus Injury,

About Physiotherapists Treatment in Electronic city,Bengaluru. Types, Benefits, Treatments, Cost & More.

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Electronic City in Bangalore is well known throughout India for being the country’s largest industrial IT park. That being said, it is the primary abode of almost 200 major IT companies, including tech giants such as Infosys, Wipro, TCS, HCL, Tech Mahindra, and Biocon. Its prominence can be summed up through the tag that the place holds, ‘The outsourcing capital of the world’. At the same time, the area is also home to countless residents that are primarily working professionals. Being a central locus for thousands of professionals, Electronic City is extremely well connected to other important localities of the city. All this makes it the busiest place in the city. But, this also leads to one inevitable deduction, the sedentary lifestyle of thousands of professionals and the countless hours of their lives that they spend in commute every day. Such a challenging lifestyle is bound to eventually affect their health. It is often witnessed that working professionals suffer from physical problems such as bad posture, tennis elbows, and more. This calls for an urgent need to keep the physical health of the professionals in check by availing consultation from a leading physiotherapist in Electronic City, someone who can provide solutions via physiotherapy exercises instead of invasive techniques.


Postural and physical issues, if left unchecked, can lead to other major and prolonged worries that can interfere with the quality of life. Physio treatment can go a long way to solve that because they are widely considered as a better alternative to medical procedures. Being a non-invasive technique and requiring minimal or no equipment, it is easy to receive physiotherapy at home. In fact, this is a much better way of treatment since it can be unsuitable for patients to wade through the busy traffic. You can easily avail the services of an expert physiotherapist in Electronic City in Bangalore. Keep reading to know more.

Slipped Disc

Physical injuries and even prolonged exposure to bad postures can lead to slipped disc along with muscle spasms. This will interfere with the day to day lives of patients since irritated discs unlike flexion activities lead to acute pain during simple tasks such as bending, sitting, and lifting. Physiotherapy can be used to tackle such issues. Both, muscle strengthening and posture treating exercises can easily alleviate the pain by working at the root level.

Tennis Elbow

Being an injury to the muscles that extend the wrist and fingers, tennis elbow can render the sufferer unable to do simple daily tasks. Physiotherapy can reduce the elbow pain and facilitate a much quicker repair of local tissues. Not only does this restore the normal range of motion and functions in the patient, but it also restores the normal muscle strength and movement patterns. At the same time, the cervical joint function can be normalized along with upper limb neurodynamics. Treatment is carried out through gentle mobilisation of neck and elbow joints, electrotherapy, massage, and strengthening exercises.

Sprained Ankle

Sprained Ankles are widely common and are caused by the overstretching of ankle ligaments. If not treated well, a sprained ankle can increase the risk of re-injury by 40-70%. The correct post-injury rehab exercises can significantly reduce the risk of such injuries. Physiotherapy treatment help you regain full range of motion, as well as rehabilitate joint proprioception and balance, hence restoring the normal functioning of the ankle.


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