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Physiotherapists in Ramamurthy, Bengaluru

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  • Experience: 2 Years
  • Serve's
  • Specialty :Sports Rehab
  • Treats :Ligament Injuries,Tennis Elbow,Ankle Sprain,Shoulder Injuries,Dislocations,Meniscal Injury,Overuse Injuries,
  • Experience: 8 Years
  • Serve's
  • Specialty :Post Surgery Rehab
  • Treats :Total Knee Replacement,Total Hip Replacement,Ligament Reconstruction,Rotator Cuff Repair,Fracture Fixation,Spine Surgeries,
  • Experience: 4 Years
  • Serve's
    :Varthur,Banaswadi,HBR Layout,Ramamurthy,Kammanahalli,Horamavu,
  • Specialty :Geriatric Rehab
  • Treats :Joint pains,Balance Impairment,Generalized Weakness,Postural Instability,
  • Experience: 8 Years
  • Serve's
    :Varthur,Banaswadi,HBR Layout,Ramamurthy,Kammanahalli,Horamavu,
  • Specialty :Pediatrics
  • Treats :Cerebral Palsy,Development Delay,
  • Experience: 2 Years
  • Serve's
    :Varthur,Banaswadi,HBR Layout,Ramamurthy,Kammanahalli,Horamavu,
  • Specialty :Neurological Rehab
  • Treats :Paralysis,Spinal Cord Injury,Parkinsons Disease,Neuropathy,Multiple Sclerosis,Motor Neuron Disease,Brachial Plexus Injury,

About Physiotherapy Treatment in Ramamurthy,Bengaluru. Types, Benefits, Treatments, Cost & More.

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Ramamurthy Nagar is located in the north-eastern part of Bangalore. It was once a rural area with vast green fields and lakes. The development of the IT sector in the nearby areas made Ramamurthy Nagar a busy suburban colony with a thriving population of native and migrating workers. With the advent of companies and townships all over Bangalore, Ramamurthy Nagar remains a silent suburb linking all nearby areas with its robust transport system and therefore houses thousands of families who commute to work daily. Being primarily a residential area, a significantly higher percentage of the geriatric population is found here. As the ageing process begins, the withering of nerve cells and atrophy results in severe neurological conditions like dementia, Alzheimer's and others. These conditions result in the loss of coordinated movement and memory.

With the onset of neural dysfunctions, a visit to a neurologist is mandatory. After their monitoring and recommendation, you can consult a physiotherapist in Ramamurthy Nagar for further treatment or rehabilitation. Physio treatment is concerned with maintaining, restoring and maximising the movement, functionality, and strength of an individual’s nervous system. Whether it is post-operative neurological rehabilitation or simply sessions to improve coordination following the recommendations of a neurologist; physiotherapy aids in holistic recovery, decreases trauma, and provides the strength to vitalise nerves. In due course, physiotherapy exercises and techniques also built respiratory strength and improve cognitive function. The old age, severity of disease, decline in coordination and dependency on working family members make it difficult to travel to clinics for regular therapy sessions. In such cases, physiotherapy at home can help provide treatment at your own comfort zone.

Parkinson’s Disease

It is a disorder of the central nervous system which affects movements and often is coupled by tremors. Parkinson’s onset is due to nerve cell damage which causes dopamine levels to drop. Due to
this, tremors often start in one hand coupled with stiffness, slow movement, and loss of balance. Physiotherapy offers relief and helps in the early stages. It helps mobilise the stiff joints. Physio
treatment also retrains people to go about their activities in a safer manner.

Multiple sclerosis

It is a condition where the immune system eats away at the protective covering of the nerve cells resulting in nerve damage. It is an autoimmune disorder but has been known to be induced and aggravated by
poor environmental conditions and herbicide consumption from vegetables. Symptoms of sclerosis vary from vision loss to pain and impaired coordination. The severity often varies from person to person and in the worst cases, chronic symptoms might never go away. Physiotherapy is considered to be the best remedy to tackle multiple sclerosis. In the initial stage, physiotherapy helps strengthen the muscles and reduce muscle spasms. Gradually, during the relapse stages, physiotherapy exercises greatly reduce the pain and coordination problem.


Neuropathy is numbness, pain, and weakness from nerve damage and it commonly occurs in the hands and feet. One possible cause is diabetes, but it can even result from infections and exposure to toxic
pollutants. The symptoms include a prickling sensation and weakness near the affected area. Physiotherapy aims to reduce pain and restore neural strength. Movement is affected at the initial stage for which you should avail physiotherapy treatment at home.

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