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Here at Nightingales, we understand the essential relationship between Care and Cure. That’s why, over the course of 20 years, we have worked to create intuitive ecosystems for recovery within the comfort of a patient’s home - recovery on their own terms, surrounded by the people they love.

Across curative treatments like rehabilitation and physiotherapy, palliative care for the elderly, chronic care plans for patients with lifestyle diseases, and speciality services like intensive care, we believe in the power of one-on-one care. Where every treatment plan co-created with specialists is as personalised as possible because no two roads to recovery are the same.


To re-imagine the healthcare delivery and provide the best care in the comfort of one's home!


  • Vivek Srivastava

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer

  • Dr. Gaurav Thukral

    Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer

  • Ankit Goel

    Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer

  • Gaurav Brahmbhatt

    Founding Team Member & Business Unit Head - Corporate Business

  • Umesh Salgaonkar

    Business Unit Head - Pharma Business

  • Alka Saxena

    Founding Team Member & Chief Financial Officer

  • Rahul Kumar Jain

    Head - Digital Growth

  • Abhishek Malik

    National Sales Head

  • Hitashi Garg

    Head - Seniority by HCAH

  • Charles Walsh

    Founder, HAH UK

  • Dr. Gareth Jones

    Chairman, HCAH India

  • Dr. Anand Burman

    Ex Chairman, Dabur India

  • Gaurav Burman

    Director, Dabur International

  • Aditya Burman

    Director, Dabur India Ltd.

  • Quadria Capital

    Healthcare Focused Investors


    Impact Focused Investors

  • HCAH has acquired the nightingales business. to know more please visit HCAH website

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