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Medical Equipments Terms and Conditions

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There has been no advertisement, personal communication, solicitation, an invitation or inducement of any sort whatsoever from us or any of our members to sell or offer for rent, any medical equipment to you through this website;

You wish to buy or rent medical equipment only consequent to, and as an ancillary part of home health care services that you may avail from this website and acknowledge that you shall not be able to buy or rent any medical equipment otherwise; You wish to gain more information about us for your own information and use;

The information about us is provided to you on your specific request and any information obtained or materials downloaded from this website is completely at your own volition and any transmission, receipt or use of this site does not create any commercial relationship; and that We do not sell any medical equipment independent of our services which may be offered or rendered to you. If you have any medical issues, you, in all cases, must seek independent medical advice. We use cookies to enhance your experience. By continuing to visit this website you agree to our use of cookies.”

1. Do you offer sale or renting of medical equipment on a standalone basis?

No. Nightingales does not offer sale or usage of medical equipment on a standalone basis to anyone with access to the website. The medical equipment listed out on this website is merely an indicative list of our inventory and is not an advertisement for sale or usage independent of services provided by us. The sale or usage of medical equipment is consequential to, and an ancillary part of the home health care services that we provide to our customers. If you are not availing our home health care services, we will not sell or rent to you, our equipment. We are not a medical equipment retailer and only offer sale or usage of medical equipment as part of our services. In case you are availing services from us and wish to buy or rent any medical equipment from us consequent to, or as an ancillary part of such services, you may place a request through this website and we shall reach out to you to confirm the request and any details we may require from you.”

Cancellation policy for sale and usage orders

1. How and till when can I modify my order?

You can modify your usage order of your medical equipment up until 24 hours before the agreed delivery date. You can email us with the modification details or call us. The delivery time and date may change due to the modification. If you modify the order up until one day before delivery, rent and deposit will be charged as per rates mentioned in the website at the time of ordering. The usage agreement to rent is a non-transferable contract. As a customer and party to the contract, you cannot shift the equipment from the address mentioned in the original delivery address to anywhere else. In case of change of address, you are advised to inform us two weeks prior to shifting and only after submission of the new address and the revised address proof, will the shifting be conducted.

2. What is the procedure for cancelling an existing order?

Once delivered, an existing order cannot be cancelled. You can cancel your order up until 24 hours before the agreed date of delivery without any extra cost. You can place a cancellation request by emailing or calling us. You can call the call centre on all days between 7am till 8pm India time at 1800 103 4530 or email us at MedEquipment@nightingales.in

3. Can I return any of the medical equipment or the entire order if I do not like the medical equipment the time of delivery?

Only equipment with major defects or non-functionality will be taken back. Such cases have to be brought to our notice to our call centre within 48 hours of the delivery. Post this period, no returns will be allowed. No equipment will be taken back if the equipment delivered is as per the request mentioned on the website, so you are advised to check the specified requirement as per your doctor’s prescription before placing the order. Once the Nightingales delivery team personnel leave your premises with your satisfaction basis your order, a return may not be availed by you. Consumables such as tubings, syringes, dressings, certain masks, suction equipment and hygiene products cannot be returned for health and medical safety reasons.

4. Can I modify my usage duration after placing my order?

We rent medical equipment for a minimum duration of 2 weeks and beyond 2 weeks, usage charges apply on a weekly basis. If your order has not yet been delivered, you can simply get in touch with our customer care team to modify the usage duration. In such a scenario, your usage amount will be calculated basis the revised tenure (minimum period will still be 2 weeks). However, once your order has been delivered and your usage has begun, you may only increase the contract tenure but not reduce it. In case of early termination, the usage will still be calculated on the original duration of the usage agreement you signed up for and no refund will be possible basis the reduced contract tenure. The contract for your equipment can be extended for the desired period by notifying us 48 hours prior to the end of the contract. A usage extension agreement will be emailed to you and you will sign the same and return it back to us.

Shipping policy

1. When and where do you deliver? Who does the installation of my machine and sets it up correctly? When does this happen?

We currently only deliver in the metropolitan areas of Bangalore, Mumbai (including Navi Mumbai and Thane), Pune, Hyderabad & Chennai cities. We work on all days of the week. Installation of all equipment will be done only by our specialist team of biomedical engineers. Please do not open the packing till our biomedical engineer comes to your home for the installation. The installation and training are typically done within 24 hours from the time of the delivery. You may need to show your medical prescription to our bio medical engineer so that the machine settings can be done as per your treating doctor’s prescription. This will also ensure that the overall care plan is being complied with. In exceptional cases and for critical medical conditions, the installation can be fast tracked by our call centre. In case the box is opened by you before the arrival of our bio medical engineer and if there are any damages to the equipment, the cost of the repair will be collected from you.

2. Do you help us with relocation of the rented medical equipment to a different address?

Yes, we can help you with relocation of our usage medical equipment (at a nominal cost) to a different address within the same city. We will need address proof and your ID for the new address. If you are relocating to another city and we are present there, you can rent similar equipment in the other city. The relocation service may be availed of only once in the tenure of the contract. We advise customers to not relocate the medical equipment themselves. If any damages occur while a customer attempts to relocate the usage equipment’, the damage cost would be recovered from the customer. During the relocation some of the consumables may have to be replaced and the cost of the consumables have to be borne by you.

3. What if I am not at home at the time of delivery?

In case of your unavailability, please let us know the details of the person who will be receiving the equipment. We would need an acknowledgement email from the customer with the nominee’s Government ID proof. We do this to ensure that your order is in safe hands.

4. What if my building does not have a lift?

Some of the medical equipment are bulky. In case you do not have a lift or permission to use the lift at your premises, extra labour charges will be applicable to carry the equipment via stairs. This amount will depend on the order size and floor level.

5. What if my society does not allow delivery vehicles inside?

Please note that you are responsible to secure prior permission from your society / gated community for the entry of the commercial delivery vehicle inside the premises. Please ensure that you have completed all the required “entry gate” documentation and also paid all charges as required by your society prior to our delivery team’s arrival. If there are specific timings during which a commercial vehicle is allowed entry, please communicate this to our delivery partner.

6. What happens to the pick-up of the usage machine when the contract ends?

We will call you 48 hours prior to the scheduled end-date and time of the contract to fix the pick-up date and time. If you choose to keep your equipment for longer than the agreed tenure or return it before the agreed date due to some reason, you can mail us 48 hours in advance. Once the pick-up date and time are confirmed with our team, you will be required to clean the usage equipment of all dust from the outer / inner surfaces, empty the humidifier of water (if required) and keep the machine disconnected from the power supply. For all equipment, our delivery team will also do a visual check for any damages and damages (if any) will be brought to your notice immediately. We will also need the original packaging / carton provided at the time of the delivery.


1. How can I pay for my medical equipment? What payment options do you support?

We support on our website multiple payment methods – credit cards, debit cards, net banking, card based EMIs (based on your credit card issuing bank), cheque at doorstep and also cash on delivery (limited to Rs, 10,000). We do not support ‘credit / debit card at doorstep’ currently. If you are ordering via our call centre, then you can pay us using cheque (collected by our delivery personnel) or you can pay us online using an online payment link that will emailed to you by our call centre. We do not support payment via wallets such as Paytm at the moment.

2. Do you offer loan for medical equipment?

We do not offer any loans ourselves. However, we have tied up with a personal loan aggregator called Shubh Loans (“Datasigns Technologies Private Limited”) to help our customers avail personal loans to finance their equipment purchase. Shubh Loans works with various banks and basis your credit score (as calculated using their proprietary credit scoring algorithm), they will arrange a loan for you. The interest rates are decided by Shubh Loans / their partner banks and the credit arrangement is purely between you and Shubh Loans. You will be required to sign the loan agreement with Shubh Loans and a consent letter (that enables Shubh Loans to transfer the monies to us). Post the loan disbursal to you and once the money reaches our bank account, we will arrange shipment of the equipment to you. There may be a one-time processing fee for the loan availed. We do not offer any loans for paying your usage charges for our usage equipment.

3. Can I opt for EMIs?

Yes, you can convert your online credit card payment to EMIs basis the policy of your credit card issuing bank. Nightingales does not have anything to do this arrangement.

4. Can I pay by cash?

We limit cash payments to INR 10,000 for any transaction per customer. A copy of your PAN card will be required for all cash payments.

6. Do I have to pay my usages in advance?

Yes, you will need to pay for the full deposit (refundable) and the full usage charges for the duration of the usage agreement in advance i.e., at the time of placing the order. We do not offer any deferred usage fees collection mechanism. You can always rent for a shorter duration (say one month) and extend the duration if needed.

Returns Policy

1. Can I return ordered equipment at the time of delivery?

We make sure our medical equipment is in perfect working condition when it reaches you. We source directly from the medical OEMs / their authorized distributors in India. All our equipment is supported by the respective brands’ warranties. Nightingales does not warranty any equipment itself. For usage equipment, there are a series of stringent quality checks that are undertaken on every piece of equipment before delivery by us. We also complete sanitize / dis-infect all equipment rented to you. We do not rent consumables such as tubings and disposable masks for safety reasons. However, if the machine we have sold is defective and you wish to return, this must be done within 48 hours of the installation. Only equipment’ with major defects or non-functionality will be taken back. Since the specifications for all medical equipment’s are clearly mentioned on the website, we will not be able to accept any returns based on that criteria. Any return of usage equipment will be treated as early termination of the usage contract and you will still be charged for the original tenure of the usage agreement you signed up for.

2. How would I get my refundable deposit back for usages?

We take a refundable deposit (amount specified at the time of placing the order) from you in the form of a cheque. The cheque will be collected at the time of delivery of the usage equipment. You may also transfer the deposit via NEFT to our bank account prior to the delivery. This deposit is fully refundable. We do a detailed quality check of the rented equipment once it is retuned to us. If a clean chit is provided based on the QC report and all your dues towards Nightingales have been cleared, the entire deposit will be transferred back to your account from where initial the deposit was received. The mode of payment by us would be NEFT and would be credited to your account within a maximum of 7 working days. The bank transfer would be made only to the customer who made the deposit in the first place and on whose name the usage agreement was done. In case you want the money in a different account, the requisite account details need to be communicated via email from the registered email id through which the order was placed. A written confirmation will also be required at the time of return pick up after which Nightingales will not be liable for further claims. In case of any damage to the usage equipment, the equipment will undergo further inspection to ascertain the damage cost. This will be adjusted against the deposit and balance if any (beyond the deposit) will be claimed against you.

3.Can I transfer the deposit and usage online via IMPS/ NEFT/ RTGS?

Yes, you can transfer to our bank account prior to the usage machine being delivered. Our bank details are as below. Once you have done the transfer, you have to mail the UTR details to Medquipment@nightingales.in to enable us to tag the payment to your order ID in our order management system.

Name of the Bank RBL Bank Limited, Residency road, Bangalore
Beneficiary name Medwell Ventures Private Limited
Account number 409000687712
IFSC Code RATN0000156

4. Why have I been charged “cheque bounce charges” to my account?

If you have given a cheque towards payment for services and same has been bounced for various reasons, you will be charged a fee of Rs. 250 per cheque as penalty.

5. Does Nightingales offer repair and maintenance services in case the equipment stops functioning or has issues?

All our medical devices and equipment sold by us are supported by the original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) warranties. Nightingales does not offer any repair and maintenance services. Nightingales also does not store any spare parts at its warehouses. Our bio- medical engineers are trained to only install the machines and correctly calibrate them as per the care plan recommended by your treating doctor / clinician. In case any of the machine sold by us develops a fault (and is still under warranty), you will need to call the respective OEM’s customer support number. A card with all contact numbers will be provided to you post installation. For machines that are out of warranty, you may need to still need to contact the OEM for repair and spare parts. In case any our usage machine turns defective, we offer a free “swap out / swap in” service, where the defective machine is taken back by us and a working machine is provided free of charge. This is done to avoid any service disruption to you. This may take a day basis the availability.

7. If I need help with the functioning and operation of the equipment post delivery and installation, how can I reach out to Nightingales?

You can call the call centre on all days between 7am till 8pm India time at 1800 103 4530 or email us at MedEquipment@nightingales.in . We will attempt to trouble shoot and guide you on the phone. However, if a bio medical engineer visit is again required, this will be a chargeable service by our bio medical engineers. Our call centre can book this visit for you.

8. Do you offer intense or emergency medical services for patients on equipment like ventilator, home ICU etc?

No. Nightingales does not offer any critical medical services at home. We also do not offer any ambulance services. We are also not a replacement for intense hospital care. In case of any medical emergency, please take the patient to the nearest hospital.