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Nightingales launches Dentistry in Hyderabad

28th November, 2015 | Economic Times

Hyderabad, November 27, 2015 : Nightingales Home Health Services (unit of Medwell Ventures) has announced the launch of its unique service of dentistry at home in Hyderabad. Dr. Mridula Radhakrishnan, lead dental care, Nightingales Home Health Services & Dr. Jwala Chaitanya, renowned dentist and dental surgeon, Hyderabad were present for the announcement.

The National Oral Health Programme in a recent report states that 95% of adults in India suffer from gum diseases and 50% of adults do not use a toothbrush. The program also reports that 70% of children under the age of 15 have dental decay problems. Advancements in dental treatments, equipment and the procedures have ushered in a new era in dentistry, however, in India, large segments of the population still do not have access to the benefits of modern dentistry. 

Home dental services by Nightingales aims to help people be assessed in the comforts of their home. With state of the art portable dental equipment, the mobile hygienists and trained professionals, Nightingales provides quality home dental solutions.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Mridula Radhakrishnan, lead dental care, Nightingales Home Health Services said, “Dental heath can indicate the overall health of a person. This is an initiative from Nightingales to increase awareness about dental care. Due to sedentary lifestyle people hardly enjoy work-life balance, hence we made dental assessments and treatments accessible to those in need.”

Dr. Jwala Chaitanya, renowned dentist and dental surgeon, Hyderabad, said, “Dental care is a serious issue in India. The convenience that Nightingales promises to provide will definitely help educate consumers. In-home dentistry services would also be a boon to the elderly who have restricted movement to be assessed and treated by professionals using advanced technology. ”

Also present on the occasion Mr. Sudhaker Jadhav, Regional Head, Nightingales Home Health Services said, “ Nightingales is equipped to handle dental treatments at home. With our technical expertise in the field of dentistry, our dentists can treat not only tooth extractions, temporary restoration but even simple Root Canal Procedures at home.” 

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