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What we Offer?

Skilled nurses who understand the basics of stoma care and take care of the patients with stoma.

Stoma care for patients post Colostomy.
Stoma care for patients post Urostomy.
Stoma care for patients post Ileostomy.

Stoma Care

A stoma is an artificial opening which allows the feces or urine to pass from the intestine or the urinary tract. This opening is done through a surgery which helps to treat the disease condition and relieve symptoms. The role of a stoma care nurse is to look after and advise patients with a colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy before and after surgery.

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What Is Stoma Care?

An artificial opening created by a surgical procedure to allow the urine or faeces to pass from the urinary tract or intestine is called stoma. It is done to help patients excrete the urine or faeces in a pouch outside of the body. Once you have stoma after a colostomy, urostomy, or ileostomy, you need to lead daily life by following the right care and precautions. And, colostomy care at home makes it easy for you.
Stoma care or nursing care of colostomy patient is crucial, and a proper ostomy care at home involves removing the pouch gently, cleaning the skin below the pouch by using water, letting the skin dry, sprinkling sufficient ostomy powder on the specific skin area, and wiping off the extra powder gently.

Who Needs Stoma Care?

The patients of colon cancer, rectum cancer, ulcerative colitis, or Crohn’s disease who have undergone colostomy or ileostomy need stoma care. People suffering from bladder cancer or prostate cancer may need to have a stoma developed from their urinary tract when they undergo surgery for the same. You may also need a stoma if you suffer from serious pelvis damage or severe urinary incontinence. Receiving appropriate stoma care at home is quite beneficial in all these cases.

Who Provides Stoma Care At Home?

A Stoma nurse specialist provides you stoma care at home eliminating your travel hassles and ensuring the best comfort. A trained and certified stoma nurse takes care of the patients with an ileostomy, urostomy, or colostomy post-surgery by visiting them at their place of abode and also educate them to take appropriate care of the stoma.
Skilled nurses for stoma care help you find appropriate pouches and products necessary to retain your comfort and confidence. So, if you are surfing ‘the best ostomy nurse near me’ on the web, stress yourself no further. Simply get in touch with us at www.nightingales.in and receive the best stoma care at home without stepping out.

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Q: Which cities can I avail nursing services at home?

A: Our services are currently available in 4 major Indian cities: Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Mumbai.

Q: How can I find a nurse near me?

A: You can choose from multiple options to find Nightingales nurses near you - Book online, request a call back on our website or simply dial +91 1800 103 4530. Our team will connect you with the nearest skilled nurses in your city who can treat your condition.

Q: What is the qualification of Nurses at Nightingales?

A: We have experienced nurses who are graduates and are registered with the respective state nursing councils. They are carefully selected after going through proper background verification.

Q: Can I pay online for your services?

A: We have hassle-free secure online payment gateway for your convenience.

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