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Measure & monitor vital functions in the comfort of your home

Measurement of temperature
Accurate measurement and recording of patient’s body temperature to help doctor treat better.
Measurement of blood pressure
Measurement of blood pressure to help Doctor assess patient’s cardiovascular system.
Measurement of pulse rate
Measurement of pulse rate/ heart rate to check the pumping speed of the heart.
Measurement of respiration rate
Monitoring of respiratory rate helps in detecting physiological stress in various medical conditions.

Vital signs

Body temperature, pulse rate, rate of respiration and blood pressure are collectively known as vital signs since they provide critical information that is 'vital' for life-sustaining functions. Measurement of vital signs is useful in assessing the general health of a person. Vitals signs are also useful to the doctor in assessing the extent of illness and the patient’s physiological reaction to challenges posed by the disease.

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When Do You Need To Monitor Vital Signs?

Noting vital signs every time you seek medical attention is crucial to gauge your health as they help detect an ailment or medical condition. Abnormalities in the vital signs can be a clue to a disease condition affecting the organ system of an individual.
You may need to monitor vitals, when you are under medical treatment, to maintain track of the progress of the treatment and its impact on your health. Routine vital signs check-up at home can help you with keeping a record of it. The vital parameters serve as a baseline when you are healthy and help you analyse your health when you are not keeping well. Monitoring the vital signs while you are under a medical treatment also helps in modifying the course of treatment and medications according to changes in your health for improving your recovery.

What Are The Various Parameters Measured In Vital Signs Monitoring?

The clinical measurements which indicate the state of your crucial body functions are called vital signs. Prominently, these include the blood pressure, body temperature, pulse rate, and respiration rate of an individual. There exist four prominent vital signs which are generally checked by the health care professionals. They include
1. Pulse rate: The number of times your heart beats per minute is called the pulse rate. It not only determines the heart rate but also indicates the strength of the pulse and the heart rhythm. The normal pulse rate of a healthy adult individual is 60 to 100 heartbeats a minute. It increases or fluctuates when you suffer from any ailment, injury, emotional trauma, or while exercising. Usually, a high pulse rate is observed in conditions, such as low blood pressure, lung infections, blood infection, heart disorders, alcohol consumption, dehydration, anemia, and thyroid disorders. Nurses providing at-home vital sign monitoring services note your pulse rate at different intervals.
2. Blood pressure: The force of your blood pushing against your artery walls is called blood pressure. An electronic blood pressure monitoring device is necessary to measure blood pressure. 120/80 is the normal blood pressure measure. Hypertension, also called high blood pressure, results when the force of your blood against the artery walls is significantly high for a long period. It may occur due to an underlying health condition, such as chronic kidney disease, the use of medications for managing blood volume & pressure, stress, hyperthyroidism, lack of exercise, and obesity.
3. Body temperature: An individual’s normal body temperature depends on the food and fluid intake, gender, time of the day, and many other factors. The normal body temperature of a healthy adult ranges from 97.8 degrees F to 99 degrees F. Vital signs home health care nurses measure and note your body temperature at various hours of the day. Various diseases, such as chronic kidney diseases, typhoid, and others, inflammatory conditions, infections, such as dengue, injuries, loss of blood, loss of fluids, and post-surgery require the monitoring of body temperature.
4. Breathing rate (respiratory rate): The number of breaths that you have per minute. Usually, it’s measured when you are at rest. It may increase when you suffer from an illness, such as fever. The normal respiration rate of an adult is 12 to 16 breaths a minute.
So, if you are under any treatment for a disease or a condition that requires timely monitoring of vital signs, get your vital signs monitored at home smoothly and without any hassles. Count on Nightingales without a second thought. 

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