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What we offer?

Our team of experienced registered nurses at Nightingales provides excellent service for urinary catheterization at your doorstep.

Acute Care
Urinary catheterization for people who are suffering from urine retention.
Chronic Care
Long-term urinary catheterization for elderly and people with neurological conditions, spinal cord injuries, etc.


Catheterization is the procedure of inserting a catheter into the body to allow the fluids to flow out. In urinary catheterization, the catheter is placed inside the bladder through the urethra to allow the urine to pass out of the body. Nursing services for urinary catheterization are now available at home for better health and comfort of the patients. Our nurses are well trained to prevent the risk of tripping, pressure injuries, or any other discomforts to the patients during the procedure. They are skilled in handling the catheterization procedure, from the insertion of a catheter to monitoring and removal. Nursing services for catheterization at home are much cheaper than at nursing homes and healthcare centers. A private and focused service becomes possible only with home services since home nurses are dedicated to only one patient at a time, and you can save hospital expenses and the time spent on traveling.

Our nurses guide the patients to follow a strict regimen for the prescribed diet and fluid intake, as this can affect drainage from the urinary catheter. They also educate the patient and the patient's family about the care of the catheter.

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Under Catheterization At Home Services


Catheterization is a medical procedure wherein a catheter is inserted in the patient’s body to let fluids drain out. In urinary catheterization, a catheter tube is introduced in the patient's urinary bladder to let the urine pass out of the body. And, the drained urine is collected by a drainage bag that is attached to the catheter. Professional nurses for catheterization play a crucial role in helping a patient with this process efficiently.

Who Needs Catheterization?

A person who experiences difficulty in passing urine naturally or is unable to empty the urinary bladder completely needs urinary catheterization. Also, urinary catheterization is required when an individual is unable to control his/her urination. Skilled nurses for catheterization help you attach the urinary catheter to drain out the urine. Even though most individuals require urinary catheter care for a limited or short span, some patients need to depend on the catheters for passing the urine for the lifetime. Usually, aged individuals come under this category.
Home catheterization with a urinary catheter is very important for bedridden individuals, who are unable to get out of their bed due to surgery, age-related degeneration, spinal cord injuries, or any medical condition. In such circumstances, urinary catheterization treatment at home helps the patient pass urine properly and conveniently while remaining intact in a place.

How Can I Avail Catheterization At Home?

At-home nurses for catheterization help you have urinary catheterization conveniently at your place. Efficient nurses at Nightingales are trained to prevent the risk of pressure injuries, tripping, and any other problems when providing urinary catheterization treatment at home to the patients. They also guide you properly to follow the appropriate regimen for the prescribed fluid intake and diet, as it can have a direct effect on the drainage from the catheter.
Experienced nurses also educate you about catheter care. Home catheterization not just eliminates your travel hassles and expensive hospital stays but it also saves your energy and time. So, whenever you need catheterization, simply call us at Nightingales or get in touch with us online and receive the best catheterization care in your comfort zone.

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Mrs Janki D inverted
Mrs Janki D

My mother had undergone a hysterectomy and was suffering from urinary incontinence after the surgery. Nurses from Nightingales provided urinary catheterization service at home and kept her at ease.

Mr. Abdul S inverted
Mr. Abdul S

My 80-year-old mother has dementia, and we were facing issues with her urinating habits. Nurses from Nightingales were efficient as well as gracious with their service of urine catheterization.

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Q: Which cities can I avail nursing services at home?

A: Our services are currently available in 4 major Indian cities: Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Mumbai.

Q: How can I find a nurse near me?

A: You can choose from multiple options to find Nightingales nurses near you - Book online, request a call back on our website or simply dial +91 1800 103 4530. Our team will connect you with the nearest skilled nurses in your city who can treat your condition.

Q: What is the qualification of Nurses at Nightingales?

A: We have experienced nurses who are graduates and are registered with the respective state nursing councils. They are carefully selected after going through proper background verification.

Q: Can I pay online for your services?

A: We have hassle-free secure online payment gateway for your convenience.

For enquiries, bookings or support, call us at 1800 103 4530

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