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Apicoectomy Apicoectomy
Surgical method of removal of an infection from the root of their tooth.
Pulpotomy Pulpotomy
Removal of the infected pulp portion thus saving a decayed tooth

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment refers to a form of endodontic procedure in which decayed, or badly infected tooth are repaired and saved from further decay and removal. This procedure involves removal of infected pulp followed by cleaning & sealing of the canals and placement of a crown. Though the treatment is a painless one, however, the pain felt by the patient comes from the infection. Local anesthesia is used by a dental surgeon while performing the procedure. It can be completed in a single sitting or multiple sitting depending on the level of infection present in the tooth.

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Q: Which cities can I avail dental treatment at home?

A: Presently our services are available in 4 major cities in India: Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Mumbai.

Q: How can I find a Dentist near me?

A: You can choose from multiple options to find a Nightingales Dentist near you - Book online, request a call back on our website or simply dial 1800 103 4530.

Q: What is the qualification of Dentists at Nightingales?

A: We have qualified Dentists with MDS and BDS degrees. They are well experienced professionals and are trained in providing home-based treatment.

Q: What is the duration of a Dental sitting?

A: Duration of each sitting varies from patient to patient based on their condition and our evaluation.

Q: What is the charge of Dental care services at home?

A: Charges vary based on the type of dental care, number of sessions and complication associated with the Dental condition.

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