Wound Management

At nightingales, the nurses are well-trained to manage even the complex or hard-to-heal wounds by early intervention and treatment, educating you and your caregiver in the treatment and processes involved. They work in coordination with the physician and hospital partners thus mitigating the suffering of a patient.

Our Services include:

  • Wound assessment and documentation
  • Standardized evidence- based wound care protocols for specific types of wound
  • Recommendations for advanced support surfaces or devices to promote wound healing and to prevent additional wounds or complications
  • Counselling on the type of activities and food that can promote healing process.
  • Patient/ family education regarding signs and symptoms of complication.
  • Ongoing communication with the treating doctor regarding the healing progress and treatment options.

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About Nursing Services

Nightingales Clinical Care Nursing service is designed to provide effective and quality medical care in the comfort of patient's home .

Our trained nurses are briefed about your medical history before stepping into your house. Each of our Nurse is selected with background verified.

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When you rely on us, you rely on 20 years of expertise in home healthcare.
Our professionals are trained to take care of your medical needs at your home.

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