Care is one of the noblest profession and an indirect way to help people who are inactive, bedbound, living alone or sick. At Nightingales, we ensure to maintain a blend of professionalism and care that has a feel good factor. Emphasis is made on quality care at the comfort of patients’ home.


Expertise include:

  • Care according to the resident’s care plan in a manner that protects his/her dignity and privacy
  • Eating assistance
  • Vital signs monitoring
  • End-of-life care
  • Personal care and emotional support
  • Stabilizing the emotionally distressed and traumatized residents
  • Assisting residents to maintain or regain their maximum level of independence
  • Practices infection-control measures, including standard precautions, in accordance with facility and the resident’s care plan
  • Keeping work area and resident’s environment neat, clean and orderly
  • Assisting with re-positioning, transferring and exercise

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About Caregiver

Taking care of someone who has chronic illness, who is disabled, who is at his dying stage, who is unable to carry his/her daily life needs and routine without assistance is what the Caregivers here at Nightingales offer. We are privileged to have evidence based best practices combined with noble care givers who look after the patients/residents when it really matters the most.

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When you rely on us, you rely on 20 years of expertise in home healthcare.
Our professionals are trained to take care of your medical needs at your home.

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