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Philips Comfort Gel C/Bi-PAP Face Mask (S)

  • Philips Comfort Gel C/Bi-PAP Face Mask (S)

Philips Comfort Gel C/Bi-PAP Face Mask (S)

Estimate Price: 4,450 GST included
MRP: 10,877
The Sale is subject to evolution by paramedical / medical practitioner + free installation

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Model: Comfort gel

Brand: Philips

Category: Respiratory Care

Dimensions: 3cm (H) x 5cm (L) x 8cm (B)

Weigth: 0.3Kg

Product Summary -
Phillips Comfort Gel Full Face Mask is made specifically for CPAP patients who keep their mouth open while sleeping. Small size is designed for patients with smaller face structure, it is also available in medium and large sizes.

What conditions is Philips Comfort Gel C/Bi-PAP Face Mask (S) used for?

  • Sleep Apnea

  • COPD

  • Asthma

Specifications for Philips Comfort Gel C/Bi-PAP Face Mask (S)

  • The ComfortGel Full Face CPAP Mask gives full face mask comfort. The mask uses a gel filled cushion with a unique Sure Seal Technology (SST) that provides a custom fit to the face. The ComfortGel Full Face Mask includes the following features:

  • Broad Silicone Forehead Pad which is large and provides an enhanced Stability Selector which allows for easy movement and adjustment

  • Replaceable Gel Cushion allowing re-usage of mask frame

  • Ball-and-Socket Quick Clips for easy removal and replacement of the mask without re-adjusting the straps

  • What is in the box ? (for sale): Mask (1 nos)


Based on the worldwide popularity of the Phillips Respironics ComfortGel nasal mask, ComfortGel Full mask is a innovative and practical product for CPAP. Powered with Respironics blue gel plus advanced sure seal technology (SST™) flap, ComfortGel Full is designed considering comfort benefits, its replaceable cushion design and perfect fit to the patients.

The Respironics ComfortGel Full mask is latex free. The comfortable, newly designed forehead cushion, enhanced StablitySelector® adjustment feature and renowned blue gel come together to create an unmatched level of comfort and stability in a full-face mask. For enhanced performance, the advanced sure seal technology flap follows even the subtle contours of the face, providing a quick and comfortable seal.

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