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Philips BIPAP AVAPS C SERIES IN1161X w/o Humidifier

  • Philips BIPAP AVAPS C SERIES IN1161X w/o Humidifier

Philips BIPAP AVAPS C SERIES IN1161X w/o Humidifier

Estimate Price: 72,300 GST included
MRP: 144,450
Usage Charges starting from: 2,708/week
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  2. Minimum duration of usage is 2 weeks; thereafter every week
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Model: Respironics BiPAP AVAPS

Brand: Philips

Category: Respiratory Care

Dimensions: 10cm (H) x 18cm (L) x 14cm (B)

Weigth: 1.36Kg

Product Summary -
Patients suffering from respiratory diseases such as apnea, asthma and respiratory acidosis cannot breathe on their own. A ventilator is a device used to assist such patients to breathe. Non-invasive ventilators such as the Philips BiPAP AVAPS use airway support administered through a face mask instead of an endotracheal tube.

What conditions is Philips BIPAP AVAPS C SERIES IN1161X w/o Humidifier used for?

  • Sleep Apnea

  • COPD

  • Asthma

Specifications for Philips BIPAP AVAPS C SERIES IN1161X w/o Humidifier

  • Starting ramp: 4 to EPAP minute

  • Filters: Foam and optional ultra-fine

  • Breathe rate: 0 - 30 beats per minute

  • Flex pressure relief: 0 to 30 (S-mode)

  • Ramp time: 0 to 45 min (5-min increments) min

  • Device setup: LCD/control wheel/push button

  • Onboard storage capacity (min): up to 3 months

  • Data storage capacity display: Compliance VIC, 1-, 7- and 30-day averages

  • Altitude compensation: Automatic

  • Humidification: Integrates with System One 60 Series humidifier and System One 60 Series Heated Tube humidifier

  • Modes: CPAP, S, S/T, PC, T

  • Miscellaneous: Lighted LEDs

  • Voltage: 220V 50Hz

  • Warranty: 2 Years

  • Humidifier: Optional (at extra cost)

  • Humidifier and Mask: Optional (at extra cost)

  • What is in the box ? (for sale): Device, filters, tubing, power cord, user manualS SD Card


The Philips Respironics BiPAP AVAPS Non-Invasive ventilator is part of the overall System One sleep therapy technology platform. The device provides the comfort of pressure ventilation and assured tidal volume.

BiPAP’s built-in safety measures makes breathing easier for patients of all ages including young children. Its average volume assured pressure support (AVAPS) automatically adapts to disease progression and changing patient needs.

BiPAP uses Bi-Flex technology to enhance patient comfort by providing pressure relief while its resistance control augments it by allowing the device and mask to operate synergistically. The system uses advanced software for monitoring the patient’s status. This allows doctors to select and change parameters where needed.

The device provides excellent patient comfort using advanced technology. It is very easy to use. The effective air delivery makes the Philips BiPAP AVAPS an automatic choice of respiratory therapists and clinicians worldwide.

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