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Oxymed Owgels Oxygen Concentrator

  • Oxymed Owgels Oxygen Concentrator

Oxymed Owgels Oxygen Concentrator

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Model: BLC-owgels S5 (S)

Brand: MedEquip

Category: Respiratory Care

Dimensions: 66cm (H) x 34cm (L) x 30cm (B)

Weigth: 19Kg

Product Summary -
BLC-Owgels S5 Oxygen Concentrator is a light-weight device with low mainenance. Owgels has a specially designed humidifier bottle with an in-built nebulizer. This machine debuted as a prototype in March 2016 and has proved to be a huge success in India.

What conditions is Oxymed Owgels Oxygen Concentrator used for?

  • Asthma

  • COPD

Specifications for Oxymed Owgels Oxygen Concentrator

  • Flow Specifications: 1 LPM- 5 LPM

  • Oxygen Concentrations: 93% (+3%, -3%)

  • Power Consumption: 350 Watts

  • Voltage AC: 220 V/50 Hz

  • Sound: ≤ 50 dB (A)

  • Weight: 19 kg

  • Environmental Limit Conditions: Operating Conditions: 5⁰C to 55⁰C, Storage: -20⁰C to 60⁰C Relative, Humidity: up to 80% RH

  • Warranty: 2 Years

  • UPS: 1KVA (Needs to be procured by customer)

  • What is in the box ? (for sale): Oxygen concentrator, built -in humidifier bottle, power cord, manual.


OWGELS OZ-5-01TWO oxygen concentrator has an elegant and robust design. This is a very reliable machine with excellent performance. This model provides nebulizing therapy with a built-in-nebulizer.


• User-friendly design with easy-to-use control panel
• Easily accessible humidifier bottle
• Low noise levels which helps its use during sleep
• Easy maintenance with filters placed outside the housing
• Easily movable with 4 wheels and top handle

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