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Breas Vivo 60 Ventilator

  • Breas Vivo 60 Ventilator

Breas Vivo 60 Ventilator

Estimate Price: 497,351 GST included
MRP: 560,000
Usage Charges starting from: 10,675/week
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  1. We collect a refundable security deposit for all Equipments usage in the form of Cheque
  2. Minimum duration of usage is 2 weeks; thereafter every week
The Sale is subject to evolution by paramedical / medical practitioner + free installation

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Model: VIVO 60

Brand: BREAS

Category: Respiratory Care

Dimensions: 12.5cm (H) x 26.4cm (L) x 34.3cm (B)

Weigth: 5.2Kg

Product Summary -
Breas Vivo 60 is a ventilator which provides versatile life support and it is designed for comfortable and reliable ventilation in the patient's home as well as in hospital environments.

What conditions is Breas Vivo 60 Ventilator used for?

  • COPD

  • Asthma

Specifications for Breas Vivo 60 Ventilator

  • Dimensions: 343 mm × 125 mm × 264 mm without click-on battery

  • Weight: 5.2 kg without click-on battery

  • Intended use: For paediatric (> 5 kg) and adult ventilator- dependent patients.


  • Device Mode: Home, clinical

  • Inspiratory Pressure: 4-60 cmH2O

  • PEEP: 0 cm H2O-30 cm H2O for Adult / 20 cm H2O

  • Paediatric Inspiratory Pressure: 2 cm H2O or Min Insp Pressure -2 H2O

  • Breath Rate (PCV, VCV): 4-60 bpm

  • Inspiratory Time: 0.3-5 s

  • Backup Inspiratory Time: 0.3-5 s (PSV)

  • Rise Time: 1-9 (PSV & PCV) 50 – 90 %, Off (VCV)

  • Inspiratory Trigger: 1-9 (PSV, PCV & VCV) Off (PCV & VCV)

  • Expiratory Trigger: 1-9 (PSV)

  • Minimum Inspiratory Time: Off, 0.3-3 s

  • Backup Rate (PSV): 4-60 bpm

  • Target Volume: 50-2500 ml

  • Tidal Volume: 50-2500 ml

  • Flow Pattern: Square, decelerating

  • Sigh function: On/Off, rate (every 50-100-150-200-250 breaths), sigh% (125, 150, 175, 200%) Power Supplies

  • Mains supply: 100-240 V AC

  • External battery: 24 V DC

  • Click-on battery: 8 hours

  • Internal battery: 4 hours

  • Main Alarms: High Pressure, Low Pressure, High PEEP, Low PEEP, High Vte/Vti , Low Vte/Vti , High MVe/MVi, Low MVe/MVi, High Breath Rate, Low Breath Rate, Apnea, Disconnection, Rebreathing, High FiO2, Low FiO2, High SpO2, Low SpO2, High EtCO2, Low EtCO2, High InspCO2, High Pulse Rate, Low Pulse Rate, Low Last Power Source.

  • Monitoring Displayed data: Peak, PEEP, Pmean, Leakage, MV, Vt, FiO2, % in TgV, Total Rate, Spont Rate, % Spont, SpO2, Pulse Rate, I:E, Inspiratory Time, Rise Time, EtCO2, InspCO2

  • Waveforms: Pressure, Flow, Volume

  • Trends over 1, 6, 24 and 48h: Peak, PEEP, Total Rate, Spont Rate, Vt, Leakage, SpO2, EtCO2

  • Noise level (at 1m, 10 cmH2O constant pressure): Less than 30 dB(A)


Breas Vivo 60 is a cost effective ventilator used in home as well as hospital environment. It has robust design and durable accessories. The device has highly accurate volume delivery and trigger sensitivity. The device is facilitated with advanced monitoring capabilities. It helps to measure exhale volume with dual limb circuit for additional security. Highly intuitive User Interface of the device makes it easy to use, easy to learn and thereby, reduces the risk for mistakes. The device is integrated with monitoring capabilities which reduces the need for the external monitoring equipment.

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