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Random Blood Glucose (RBS)

Expert lab technicians are just a click away from you. Now book Random Blood Glucose (RBG) test at the comfort of your home.

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Samples required

The blood samples are withdrawn from you and send to the laboratory for the analysis.


No special preparation is required to do this RBG test.

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48 hours

What is Random Blood Glucose (RBG) Test?

Random blood glucose test is performed to diagnose diabetes. It is a random test to check the glucose levels. When the glucose level is 200 mg/dL or higher in blood, the classic symptoms of high blood sugar are observed and doctor may diagnose the person with diabetes. This test helps to monitor how well the disease is being managed.

Why you need to do Rapid Blood Glucose (RBG) Test?

Random blood glucose test helps the diabetic people to carefully monitor blood glucose levels to ensure whether they are within the normal range. This test is done when a person is older than 45 years or has risk factors for diabetes. Diabetic people often use this test for self checks up to several times a day to monitor blood glucose levels.

What parameters measured in Random Blood Glucose (RBS)?

Random blood glucose is carried out to measure the level of glucose present in the blood.

Benefits of lab test at home

  • Convenient for you: You have flexibility to fix an appointment according to your schedule. You can avoid jam-packed traffic.

  • Affordable costs: You get attractive packages and also save the travelling cost.

  • No more queues: Avoid standing in long queues.

  • Trained lab technicians: Get the best quality service from the trained lab technicians.

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