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Are you looking for a Preventive health checkup for your family? Our Basic Healthy Bones Checkup package consists of 6 health parameter(s) which will tell you the overall health status.

Basic Healthy Bones Checkup

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About Basic Healthy Bones Checkup

Having healthy bones is necessary to maintain an active lifestyle. Poor bone health can hinder you from living your life to the fullest as it restricts a lot of your daily activities. It is therefore important to keep a check on your bone health. The Basic Healthy Bones Check package includes the necessary set of tests to monitor your bone health, it also assesses the factors responsible for poor bone health.

What tests are included in this package?

The Basic Healthy Bones Check package includes a series of tests required to assess bone health. These include:

  • Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR): A test that helps diagnose the presence of inflammation

  • Calcium: It measures the levels of calcium in your blood

  • Phosphorus: Examines the levels of phosphorus in your blood

  • Vitamin D- Total: To check the levels of vitamin D in your body as it is crucial to bone health

  • Albumin: Analysing the levels of albumin in your blood as it important in terms of bone health

  • Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP): This test measures the levels of ALP-2 in your bones through a blood test

Why do you need a Basic Healthy Bones Check?

After a certain age, bone problems become common-place and it becomes important to detect these problems before they manifest into major illnesses. The Basic Healthy Bone check offers a series of test that will determine your bone health and indicate whether you have any underlying bone disorder. This can help in the early treatment of the condition and also alert you to make some healthy lifestyle changes.

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