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Physiotherapists in Mansarovar, Mumbai

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  • Treats :Back Pain,Knee Pain,Neck Pain,Shoulder Pain,Arthritis,Spondylitis,Muscle Strain & Sprain,Slipped Disc,Tendinitis,Plantar Fasciitis,Frozen Shoulder,Fibromyalgia,Repetitive Strain Injury,Paralysis,Spinal Cord Injury,Parkinsons Disease,Neuropathy,Multiple Sclerosis,Motor Neuron Disease,Brachial Plexus Injury,Cerebral Palsy,Development Delay,Joint pains,Balance Impairment,Generalized Weakness,Postural Instability,Total Knee Replacement,Total Hip Replacement,Ligament Reconstruction,Rotator Cuff Repair,Fracture Fixation,Spine Surgeries,Ligament Injuries,Tennis Elbow,Ankle Sprain,Shoulder Injuries,Dislocations,Meniscal Injury,Overuse Injuries

About Physiotherapists Treatment in Mansarovar,Mumbai. Types, Benefits, Treatments, Cost & More.

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Mansarovar is a recently developed area located near the Kamothe area of Navi Mumbai city and contains everything from residential areas to shopping arcades. It is located very near to Panvel and Mansarovar Railway Station. Connected seamlessly by the Mumbai Suburban Railway network Mansarovar is also connected to the rest of Mumbai city via roads. Mansarovar offers a life of peace and quiet to its residents who prefer moving away from the noise and hustle after a long day at work. It is common for residents of Mansarovar to be accustomed to simple luxuries in life such as home-delivered groceries, spa treatments and even at-home state-of-the-art medical services such as Physiotherapy.

Even for simple injuries such as a slipped disc, residents of Mansarovar want the best for themselves. Slipped disc, if not treated in time can result in long-term complications. Treating a slipped disc with physiotherapy at home can prevent existing issues as well as prevent future complications. Physiotherapist in Mansarovar helps in curating individual recovery programs to rehabilitate one from the discomfort associated with a slipped disc and bring back the range of motion affected by the injury. Physio exercises demonstrated by a certified physiotherapist in Mansarovar helps encourage proper movement and the ability to become more independent. On call physiotherapy at home helps in strengthening the affected muscles so that the patient can recover faster. Physiotherapy benefits are many and can add great value to the patients precious time by saving them from travelling. Physiotherapy Treatment can help push their limits and gain control over the condition. Searching for a “Physiotherapist near me”, should not be a headache and lead one to the best physiotherapists. Read on to learn all about physiotherapy at home.

Parkinson's disease

This disease is very common in the geriatric population and affects the nervous system by making it extremely hard for the patients to carry on with the day to day chores. The patient experience tremors which affect the moving around. This makes the patient dependent on their caretakers and loved ones. Routine physiotherapy benefits patients suffering from Parkinson's disease by reducing stiffness and improving mobility and posture. Physiotherapists in Mansarovar, Mumbai performs physiotherapy treatment to help reduce the stress and depression associated with the disease.


People suffering from this ailment often experience weakness,  numbness and pinprick-like pain in the affected parts of the body. It can affect the limbs which may result in slow reflexes or tingling sensation in the thighs or foot or hands and an uncomfortable burning sensation.  Physiotherapy at home to patients suffering from neuropathy helps strengthen the muscles and control the pain they are experiencing and bring some relief. A physiotherapist at home can improve their condition remarkably. In severe cases, travelling to a physiotherapy centre can be inconvenient for the patients of Mansarovar for whom regular physiotherapy is a necessity. A physiotherapist at home can help you obtain long term benefits.

Multiple Sclerosis

If a patient is experiencing pain at the back or eyes, or experiencing from vision loss, or getting tired easily, or even having trouble in their day to day life, they may have multiple sclerosis. Some may lead a normal life without any symptom, others may suffer severe pain for life. Physiotherapy at home can bring comfort to their life at home without depending much on anyone or compromising on their comforts. Physiotherapists at home can help them receive the best physiotherapy in Mansarovar.

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