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Physiotherapists in Kondhwa, Pune

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  • Experience: 10 Years
  • Serve's
    :Fursungi,Ganesh khind,Ghorpadi,Hadapsar,Kalas,Katraj,Khadki,Kharadi,Kondhwa,Koregaon Park,Kothrud,
  • Specialty :Sports Rehab
  • Treats :Ligament Injuries, Tennis Elbow, Ankle Sprain, Shoulder Injuries, Dislocations, Meniscal Injury, Overuse Injuries,
  • Experience: 3 Years
  • Serve's
    :Fursungi,Ganesh khind,Ghorpadi,Hadapsar,Kalas,Katraj,Khadki,Kharadi,Kondhwa,Koregaon Park,Kothrud,
  • Specialty :Post Surgery Rehab
  • Treats :Total Knee Replacement, Total Hip Replacement, Ligament Reconstruction, Rotator Cuff Repair, Fracture Fixation, Spine Surgeries,
  • Experience: 8 Years
  • Serve's
    :Fursungi,Ganesh khind,Ghorpadi,Hadapsar,Kalas,Katraj,Khadki,Kharadi,Kondhwa,Koregaon Park,Kothrud,
  • Specialty :Geriatric Rehab
  • Treats :Joint pains, Balance Impairment, Generalized Weakness, Postural Instability,
  • Experience: 2 Years
  • Serve's
    :Fursungi,Ganesh khind,Ghorpadi,Hadapsar,Kalas,Katraj,Khadki,Kharadi,Kondhwa,Koregaon Park,
  • Specialty :Pediatrics
  • Treats :Cerebral Palsy, Development Delay,
  • Experience: 4 Years
  • Serve's
    :Fursungi,Ganesh khind,Ghorpadi,Hadapsar,Kalas,Katraj,Khadki,Kharadi,Kondhwa,Koregaon Park,Kothrud,
  • Specialty :Neurological Rehab
  • Treats :Paralysis, Spinal Cord Injury, Parkinsons Disease, Neuropathy, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neuron Disease, Brachial Plexus Injury,

About Physiotherapists Treatment in Kondhwa,Pune. Types, Benefits, Treatments, Cost & More.

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Kondhwa is a vibrant locality in the city of Pune. But, unlike the main city of Pune, the lifestyle here is a little different. Kondhwa is densely populated with individuals of all age-groups. Kondhwa is home to the reputed Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology. So, a lot of students prefer to reside here to minimize their travel hassles. The residents of the locality are amicable and busy managing their schedule. In recent times, Kondhwa is experiencing a significant growth in the residential real estate as plenty of individuals are moving in to settle here. And, this locality has witnessed a noteworthy growth in the geriatric population with a greater number of senior citizens living their retired lifestyle. So, maintaining good health and well-being of the aged individuals tops the priority of their families here.

The elderly population here finds traveling to the hospitals and clinics and waiting in the queue for long hours to see the doctors quite inconvenient. In such circumstances, home healthcare services can prove to be a boon to eliminate the traveling inconveniences and to receive the necessary treatment, such as physiotherapy treatment, in the comfort of the home.

Whether its back pain, knee pain, or serious conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease or paralysis, bothering the inhabitants of the locality, at-home physiotherapy in Kondhwa, Pune can help you receive effective physiotherapy at home. Efficient physiotherapists in Kondhwa will visit you at your place and treat you with customized treatment comprising all essential physio exercises in the comfort of your home. Experience relief from the pain, improved mobility and flexibility, and increased muscle strength with outstanding physiotherapy benefits without leaving your home. Keep reading to learn all about it.

Generalized Weakness

One of the common health concerns affecting the inhabitants of the locality is the generalized weakness. Some of the common causes of generalized weakness observed are age-related degeneration, stroke, peripheral neuropathy, hypothyroidism, chronic inflammation of the muscles, immobility, bed rest, rheumatic fever, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Receiving the best physiotherapy at home can help increase your muscle strength, alleviate your discomfort, reduce your fatigue, ease your normal movements, and help you lead a healthy life. Experienced physiotherapists in Kondhwa will train you to perform strengthening exercises, flexibility exercises, and other essential physio exercises under their guidance in the comfort of your home. Get back to the life with outstanding physiotherapy benefits without stepping out.

Postural Instability

Postural instability is one of the concerning health conditions which deteriorates your quality of life. It is found particularly affecting the elderly individuals. Senior citizens suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, paralysis, and other serious health condition are more vulnerable to postural instability. Physiotherapy intervention with the effective at-home physiotherapy in Kondhwa, Pune can help improve your balance, posture, and eliminate the risk of falls and injuries. You can have experienced physiotherapists in Kondhwa visiting your home and treat you with personalized physiotherapy treatment for the best treatment outcomes. Combat discouraging symptoms of postural instability and lead an independent and confident life with physiotherapy at home.

Total Knee Replacement

If you are suffering from a damaged knee joint, which is hampering your mobility and quality of life adversely, going for a total knee replacement can help you. However, after the surgical procedure of the total knee replacement, it is important to rehabilitate your knee with physiotherapy treatment. Experts recommend to begin with physiotherapy intervention after completing 48 hours after the knee surgery. And, at-home physiotherapy in Kondhwa, Pune can help you treat your operated knee joint in the comfort of your home. Experienced physiotherapists in Kondhwa are pleased to visit you, assess your condition, and treat you with all the necessary physio exercises to improve your muscle strength, prevent scarring around the operated knee, alleviate the pain, and promote healing of the operated joint. Get back on your toes easily and as soon as possible with rewarding physiotherapy benefits.

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