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Raghavendra T M

Raghavendra T M

CCN, Pediatric Care, BSN, Bengaluru
  • Specialty: Pediatric Care

About Raghavendra T M

Raghavendra T M is a Certified and Experienced Nursing staff working with Nightingales Home Health Care in Bengaluru. Raghavendra T M is specialized in Pediatric Care and help patients with IV Infusion At Home,Wound Care At Home,Onco (Cancer) Care At Home,Nasogastric Tube Insertion At Home,Urinary Catheterization At Home,ICU Care At Home,Chemo Port Management At Home,Stoma Care At Home,PICC Line Management At Home,Vaccination At Home,Vital Checks At Home,Injections At Home. Raghavendra T M completed the BSN degree and has certification. Raghavendra T M provide the at-home Nursing Services in Shivajinagar,Vasanthnagar. If you are looking for at Home Nurses near you in any of this area. Get in touch with us.

Serve's Areas


  • Pediatric Care


  • 2 Years


  • BSN

Ratings & Reviews (2)

  • Raghavendra was very good with my Mother and took very good care of her.I would recommend Nightingales to all

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