Case Study - The Lifes We Changed

Oct 05, 2016Physiotherapy

By Nightingales

Ms Khatija Journey with Nightingales

Acl reconstruction (Revision)

Background data: One of the most common knee injuries is an anterior cruciate liga.....

Aug 01, 2016Stroke Rehabilitation

By Nightingales

Speech and Language Treatment

77 year old, Mr. X, a successful entrepreneur contacted us for a speech and language assessment as he had difficulty in communicating and s.....

Jul 25, 2016Stroke Rehabilitation

By Nightingales

Stroke Physiotherapy

A stroke weakened her mind, not her will”

A 79 year old elderly patient approached us for Physiotherapy wit.....

Jul 20, 2016Stroke Rehabilitation

By Nightingales

Stroke Physiotherapy and Speech Therapy

A 77 year old perfectly healthy housewife was making tea early morning when she spilled it all and was a little disoriented; her daughter d.....

Jul 15, 2016Physiotherapy

By Nightingales

Mrs Usha Journey with Nightingales

Pain management

Background data: Low back pain is one of the common symptom which can be caused by variety of reasons. Most of th.....

Jul 05, 2016Dental Care

By Nightingales

Increasing Lower Face Height

“No teeth could trap your lip”

A patient’s family member approached us requesting for a dental assessment with .....

Jul 01, 2016Dental Care

By Nightingales

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

“A burning mouth”

A 92 year old patient approached the dentist with a burning sensation of .....