Managing Menopause with Physiotherapy

Modern age women have come a long way when compared to those generations ago. They have revolutionized gender equality and have claimed more freedom and authority to bring their talent and capabilities to the forefront. Women of today are self-made, self-reliant, and very highly accomplished. There is no such field where they have not made their presence known, no career path where they have not tread and proven themselves above and beyond the required skill sets.

A woman is a nurturer, be it a working woman or a homemaker, her work never ends. She is on duty 365 days, 24 x 7. A daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, she performs her duties without a break, and it goes without saying that she never retires from her duties. However, in the hustle bustle of life she often neglects an all-important person, “herself.”

This self-neglect, with time, often turn into a series of health-related complications which worsens as she continues the journey of her life from ‘daughter to wife; mother and eventually a grandmother.’ Although we do have medications available for almost all health conditions but preventative measures such as annual health check, lifestyle modifications, dietary change, exercises, and physiotherapy are always a much-preferred alternative.

Just like how an annual health check helps a woman in early diagnosis and prevention of a certain disease and condition, physiotherapy also solves certain health-related issues and prevents them from cropping up or worsening. Physiotherapy is a non-invasive method which uses various techniques like exercise therapy, manual therapy, etc to treat many health conditions effectively.

Menopause, is one such phase in women’s life wherein she undergoes changes physically, emotionally as well as physiologically. What we fail to realize is that the symptoms could also be so severe that it could have a direct bearing on the quality of life. Rest assured, many such symptoms can be addressed with the help of physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy during Menopause

There are varied symptoms of menopause but then it is not the same for all women and varies from one to another. What a physiotherapist does is analyze the effect of these symptoms on one’s body and advises on the ways of managing them.

Urinary incontinence: Urinary incontinence also known as overactive bladder is one of the most common effect of menopause which relates to the inability to control urine flow. This leakage occurs due to the weakening of the pelvic floor muscles. Physiotherapy treatment includes pelvic floor exercises that aims at strengthening the pelvic muscles to reduce the urinary frequency or urgency.

Osteoporosis: During menopause bones become brittle and weak with loss of tissue due to the hormonal changes in the body. Physiotherapy helps with exercises such as resistance training, weight training which will help strengthen the bone, in turn, increasing the bone density and help cope with the load.

Obesity, insomnia and hot flashes  : Physiotherapy plays an important role in treating obesity, insomnia and hot flashes. A physiotherapy session includes aerobic exercises, stretches and therapeutic massages to control these symptoms and also improve quality of sleep. A combination of high-intensity interval training and weight training in case of obesity will aid with weight reduction.

Muscle, Joint pains and aches: Physiotherapy offers specific exercises which aim at improving the muscle strength and control around the joints. This results in decreased load on the joints which in turn helps in reducing the pain. A physiotherapist after a comprehensive assessment can prescribe specific exercises aimed at strengthening and muscle relaxation.

From menarche to menopause, the two significant milestones in a woman’s life. The journey that begins with the start of her reproductive cycle to nurturing her children and family followed by menopause that marks the end of her fertility period. This natural process does cause substantial changes to a woman’s body and mind. And it is this phase of her life when the nurturer needs nurturing. 

Nightingales home health services contributes to this nurturing by offering various physiotherapy treatments specifically aimed at treating these menopausal symptoms.

So this International Women’s Day, gift your loved one a healthy life. Book a consultation today

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