#Review – Mr. Naresha Prabhu on His Mothers’ Geriatric Physiotherapy

Customer Name – Mr. Naresha Prabhu ( S/o Aruna Prabhu )
Location – Bangalore
Service Availed – Geriatric Physiotherapy

Just thought I’d spend some time to share our feedback on the physiotherapy given to my mother, Mrs. Aruna Prabhu by Ms. Athira Amruthlal.
My mother went through a lot of hardship in hospital, bedridden in ICU for 3 – 4 weeks and discharged with no mobility.
The next question was to give her the best physiotherapy.  As I was already taking a couple of services from Nightingales, I asked 
Athira to visit us. I was not sure in the first discussion if she would be able to get my mother back on her legs. But after her first interaction with my mother, and the confidence with which she spoke, I was convinced she can do wonders.
As days passed, she did a fantastic job of not only installing confidence in my mother but also slowly got her muscle strength in both hands and legs back, always with a smile and love.
My mother is now walking slowly with confidence. We are thankful to Athira for the wonderful job done!
We wish her and your team good luck, for the wonderful service you are providing needy people.

Staff in Focus

Athira Amruthlal
   Physiotherapist, Bangalore
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