#Review – Mr. Amit Jain on His Child’s Pediatric Physiotherapy

Customer Name – Mr. Amit Jain ( F/o Baby Arav Jain )
Location – Bangalore
Service Availed – Pediatric Physiotherapy

In Feb 2016, we came to Nightingales for Arav’s physiotherapy. Manjri was assigned as his therapist. Arav has a particular behavior, wherein if he doesn’t have anything to do, he will start crying loudly and will not support anything. With other therapists we saw that they would ask us to pacify him first and then they would continue. With Manjiri this was not the case, she would diligently do whatever was needed to be done whether he was crying or not. His crankiness would stop, he would start cooperating and we could see a visible difference. He started sitting on his own, his walking and climbing also improved. Manjiri then made sure that Arav gets a therapist who would understand him and there came Sudheer. He was also very knowledgeable and understood what Arav requires. He is very patient and replies to all our queries. He is very dedicated and sincere and makes sure to complete all the required exercises. He incorporated new exercises in Arav’s schedule like swinging and stair climbing because of which Arav is now able to sit on a swing without back support. Also now he likes climbing stairs and loves walking. He also discusses what the future course will be once a certain goal is achieved. He also discusses on how to improve Arav’s sensory perception.
Manjri still follows up on a regular basis to check on Arav’s progress. We are fortunate to have both of them as they have helped Arav a lot.
Thanks for all the support and help.”

Staff in Focus

Manjiri Thakur | Officer Rehabilitation, Bangalore
Sudheer Physiotherapist
Sudheer Chakravathy N | Physiotherapist, Bangalore
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