#Review – Ms.Tithi Datta on Post Operative Physiotherapy

Patient Name –  Ms.Tithi Datta
Location – Indiranagar Bangalore
Service Availed – Post Operative Physiotherapy
I went through an elbow surgery on 12th January 2018. My physiotherapy sessions were taken by Jackulin John, who has proven herself to be amazing at her work. 
She has been really good. Amazing treatment and expertise. She is very clear about what she is doing. She has always been very positive and provided reassurance when I was feeling anxious. She has motivated me to do the exercises on time. This has helped me to get back the movement and functioning of my left hand.
I am now far more mobile and have much less pain. All thanks to her!

Staff in Focus

Physiotherapist Jakline

Name – Ms. Jackulin John
Physiotherapist, Indiranagar

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