Nigtingales Physiotherapist Review from Pune-

Customer Name – Pratidnya Joshi
Location – Pune
Service Availed – Post Operative Physiotherapy

I was operated upon both knees for a robotic knee surgery and discharged on 23rd Nov 2018. I was experiencing a lot of pain and had to walk with a walker. On behalf of Nightingales, Priyanka was assigned to my case. She taught me about 20 exercises over a span of 12 days. This reduced my pain considerably while walking. She also taught me the right techniques of climbing stairs, because of which I can now go to the next floor in my house and come down comfortably.
I have great confidence that in the next 2 to 3 months, under Priyanka’s guidance, I would be able to walk and do all other activities efficiently.
Thank you Nightingales for all the support and good luck to Priyanka!

Staff Name

Priyanka Gurav
  Physiotherapist, Pune