#Review – Ms. Chandralekha Maitra on 24×7 Caregiver Services

Customer Name – Ms. Chandralekha Maitra (D/o Late Mrs. Meenakshi Lahiri)
Location – Nariman Point, Mumbai
Service Availed – Caregiver at Home
SAVITRA LOKHRE looked after my wheelchair-bound and totally dependent mother, from 7 November 2017 to her passing away on 10 August 2018. Prior to this, she also did several substitutions with me for her colleagues from Nightingales.
I would like to place on record that Savitra was an invaluable resource and help, even in the most difficult times. Though she was a novice when she first arrived as a substitute, she was always open to learning the smallest details of care taught to her, and she gradually developed into the mainstay on whom my mother’s daily care depended. I could leave the house with complete peace of mind knowing she was on hand.
Always decent and polite, Savitra possessed the calm and even temperament which is the hallmark of a good caregiver. She was committed, honest, and above all, decent and caring. Her attitude towards both patient and her fellow staff was exemplary. She was eager to learn Bengali so she could communicate better with her patient and picked up the language rapidly. She was also generous in teaching her co-caregivers who were sent to support her. 
I have nothing but admiration for this young girl and wish her every happiness and success in life. I hope Nightingales as an organization will value such a resource and encourage her in the path of care for which she is so eminently suited.
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Savita Lokare Caregiver Mumbai
Name – Ms Savitra Lokhre
Caregiver, Mumbai
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