#Review – Mr. Kirankumar P on His Daughter’s Speech and Language Therapy

Customer Name – Mr. Kirankumar Parthasarathi ( F/o Baby Samaira)
Location – Bangalore
Service Availed – Speech and Language Therapy

As a tensed and agitated parent, I was worried about my daughter, Samaira and when she would start talking. Ms Jaslia Salam from Nightingales was extremely generous, calm and gentle with my daughter and interacted as if both were besties.
She was practically knowledgeable and professional with extremely good vocabulary, even in Hindi. Ms Salam explained us about a child’s development and milestone achievements. She made me understand that my daughter is just 1.2 years old and is completely normal and what can and cannot be expected from a 1.2 years old child. She patiently answered all my inquisitive and weird queries and doubts.
I understand my child well, thanks to Ms Salam and will work as per her advice. Thank you Ms Salam for relieving us of tension by providing your valuable suggestions.
I am sure Nightingales will grow because of well qualified professionals like her. I would give her a 100 stars if it was possible!

Staff in Focus

Ms Jaslia Salam
  Speech and Language Therapist, Bangalore

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