5 Simple Exercises for Back Strengthening

Back pain is one of the most common orthopedic problems that affect all ages but more frequently seen in older persons and sportspeople.

Physiotherapy and simple exercise usually help get rid of this common problem. Following are the most common and effective back exercises you can do at home. Confirming that your positions are correct by a professional is recommended to make sure you don’t injure yourself.

1. Arm and leg extensions

This is the easiest and most effective for back pain recovery. Kneeling face down with your palms flat on the floor, extend one arm and the opposite leg parallel to the floor slowly. Hold this for 10 seconds, then lower and repeat with opposite arm and leg. Begin with five sets and move to 15-20 as time progresses. You must make sure your back is parallel to the floor and not bent concavely towards the sky.

This strengthens lower back, pelvis, and shoulders.

2. Hamstring stretch

Using a small towel, loop it over your foot while lying flat on your back. Stretch your foot up perpendicular to the ground with the help of the towel, with the other leg flat on the floor.

Hold for a count of 10 and lower slowly. Repeat with the other leg and complete 10 sets. Aim to increase sets as the pain decreases.

This helps reduce lower back pain.

3. Half-bridge

This is an easy exercise that quickly releases lower back, neck and gluteal pain, and strengthens spinal muscles.

Begin lying flat on the back with legs bent comfortably (about 60° angle at the knees) with soles flat on the floor. Your arms should lay flat on the floor parallel and close to the body. Slowly raise your hips off the ground without lifting your head, arms or feet. Your body should be a straight line running from the knees to the shoulders, with no bent back.

Keep your hips raised for about 10 seconds before slowly coming back down. Repeat 5-10 sets.

4. Full Bridge

This is a slightly more difficult exercise and is advised to do it under professional supervision.

Lie flat on your back, with both your arms bent up and placed palm-down on the floor, on either side of your head next to your ears. Your fingertips should be facing your shoulders.  Your legs should be bent at a 60° angle as in the Half-bridge. Slowly lift your hips, shoulders and head off the ground. Your body should form a curve, almost a semi-circle. The only points of contact with the floor should be your palms and soles. You may not be able to form a full curve initially.

It is an excellent exercise to stretch your entire spine and gluteus and leaves you feeling very refreshed, considering you have done it properly.  

5. Superman

Lie flat on your stomach and keep your arms stretched above your head. Slowly raise your feet and arms off and parallel to the floor. Only your stomach and pelvis should be in contact with the floor. Look straight ahead of you and keep this pose suspended for 5-10 seconds before relaxing for 5 seconds, then repeat 10-15 sets. This is a great exercise for back strengthening.

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