5 Warning Oral Health Signs that You Should Never Ignore

We remain concerned about our health by trying to eat right and exercise regularly but we hardly give any importance to oral health. It is to be noted that the mouth is a major component of our overall well-being. Many illnesses and diseases show symptoms in the mouth. If the tongue, teeth, jaws, and gums are not working optimally or have been compromised, your general health could become impaired as well. To ensure good health including oral health, you must visit a dental clinic regularly. Also, watch out for the five major oral health warning signs as mentioned below:

I. Loose Teeth or Pain

Pain is a sign that your body gives away when there is something wrong with it. If you feel pain in your teeth, it could be due to irritation, cavity or an infection called as dental caries, which are often ignored during its initial stages. Teeth tend to get loose over time for various reasons including poor oral hygiene, bleeding gums and other gum diseases.

The reason for jaw pain could be grinding or clenching, which you may be doing throughout the day consciously or unconsciously. Sometimes people do it in their sleep too known as Sleep Bruxism. The factors behind this could be anxiety, stress or anything else. If the grinding and clenching are not looked after when there is time, it could result in teeth damage and severe pain .

II. Bleeding Gums

Your gums can withstand normal brushing and flossing when they are healthy. However, if you have unhealthy gums, you would start to see the flecks of red when you spit out after brushing. Do not ignore if you experience gum bleeding or swelling as these could be signs of gum disease or periodontal disease. You may end up losing your teeth if timely care is not taken. The main reason behind gum disease is a large number of bacteria in the mouth and most people have some degree of gum disease. To maintain healthy gums it is advisable to get a scaling commonly knwn as professional tooth cleaning done once in 6months.

III. Sensitivity

It is normal to have some sensitivity in your teeth as they wear and age. However, sudden or severe sensitivity is a cause of concern. It could be a sign of a cavity, infection or excessive wear to either the gum or the teeth. It could get really painful and restrict you from enjoying your favorite hot or cold beverages and desserts as well.  

It is not a wise idea to mask the symptoms with numbing toothpaste or gels. Before things get worse, it is advisable to get a checkup done by a professional.

IV. Mouth Sores

Ulcers, sores or sensitive spots in the mouth need monitoring. You do not have to worry if they are due to eating too hot food or accidentally biting the inside of the cheeks. However, they are a cause of concern if they appear out of nowhere and do not seem to heal. These lesions are sometimes symptoms of other ailments. For instance, things that take longer to heal indicate diabetes as diabetics face a harder time to recover. Sometimes, these sores and spots are due to oral cancer. In case of any issue in your mouth which is taking longer than usual to heal, it is important to bring it up to the dental office.

V. Bad Breath

Halitosis is a common issue. Most people get it after waking up in the morning or after eating a spice heavy meal. It generally goes away with brushing and rinsing. However, it becomes a problem and a matter of concern when the bad breath sticks around and becomes chronic. This is an indication of cavities, decay or gum disease. If you have chronic bad breath, take advice from your dental hygienist or dentist to keep it at bay and ways to get rid of it in the future.

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