Dentures – “The New Beginning”

You have probably heard “the good and bad stories” from your friends and family
regarding dentures and your mind must be filled with apprehension and doubts.
Getting a new set of teeth need not be an anxiety- ridden process. You need to
understand the requirement, gather information and you will feel better about
your decision.

First lets understand the consequences of tooth loss :

Living without teeth is a struggles,simply daily tasks like chewing and speaking can
be very difficult.

Recent studies have shown malnutrition to be linked to tooth loss. Due to chewing
difficulties patients with no teeth or a few teeth tend to avoid fibrous and nutrients
packed food like fruit,vegetables and meat and compensate this with carbohydrate
rich food leading to nutritional deficiency.

There is another impact on nutrition apart from the dietary preferences, the food
that we eat needs to be broken down well before reaching the stomach where the
nutrients are extracted. Loss of teeth can make this process hard for the body thereby
impacting health.

Aesthetics is not only for the youth, loss of teeth can make your facial muscles sag
making you look older and giving a sunken appearance to your face. Many people
shy away from social life due to the embarrassment of loss of front teeth and the
difficulties of communication. This can take away the better moments of you life.
Thus loss of teeth can effect your physical and emotional health resulting in poor
quality of life.

Choosing the right denture

There are many types of dentures available. Your dentist will do a detailed
assessment and give you the best options

There are 4 types of dentures

• Complete Dentures
• Partial dentures
• Immediate Dentures
• Implant supported Dentures

Complete Dentures

These dentures are placed on the jaw which has no remaining teeth.It is usually made of acrylic(plastic).They take the support of the existing hard and soft tissue for support. The upper dentures usually have a better fit than lower dentures.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are given for the replacement for a few missing teeth. They can be
removed in contrast to bridges which are anchored to the existing natural teeth.

Based on the materials there are three types of partial dentures :-

1. Metal Dentures: They are of superior strength and durability.These are thinner and cover lesser areas of the mouth making it easier to adjust and more hygienic. However they are expensive.

2. Acrylic(Plastic) Dentures: These are rigid and have metal clasps(extensions) which rest on the natural teeth.Proper maintenance is required and they can damage the natural teeth and gums if not designed properly.

3. Flexible Dentures: Newer version of the acrylic dentures.Dentures made from this material are thin, lightweight and resistant to fracture, They do not have metal extensions thereby reducing the chances of damaging the existing teeth.

Immediate Denture:

These are dentures which are given immediately after tooth removal. These dentures
will require corrections as they underlying gums will shrink and heal.

Implant Supported Dentures:
Dental implants are small screws that are similar to the roots of teeth are placed in the jaws and a denture is placed over them. These dentures provide the closest resemblance to natural teeth.

Getting your life back on track!!
“Choosing the right denture should be made by you and your dentist. Once it is done, getting your dentures are easy, it will require 5 steps where in your dentist will be there at each stage of recordings.”

Once you get your dentures you will initially feel awkward and will have difficulty
in chewing and speech. Getting adjusted to your new set of teeth requires patience and perseverance, it will take a few weeks to a month over time you will get used to it. Regular check up with your dentist is important during the adjustment phase. The multiple visits may be tedious and sometimes logistically impossible for you. With the advent of home care, calling your dentist home for dentures is an easy and comfortable way to improve your quality of life.

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