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Asthma Day
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Asthma- A Detailed Discussion

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Asthma affects different people in different ways. While for some it is a minor ailment but for a lot of other people, it causes major interference in their daily lives, leading to life-threatening asthma attacks at times. About 15-20 million people are asthmatic…

do i need sleep test
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Do I Need a Sleep Test?Featured

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Does your snoring disturb your partner’s sleep? Despite a full night sleep, do you feel sleepy during the day? If your answer is affirmative for the above questions, you are likely to be suffering from a sleep disorder. Sleeping is…

Diabetic foot and its regular care
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Diabetic foot and its regular care

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Months of preparations and hustle; three days of non-stop fun, sangeet, haldi, cocktail party and finally tying the knot. It’s your daughter’s wedding and there’s no way you can miss even a single happening. You have taken a vow to…

World Kidney Day
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Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere

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World Kidney Day is celebrated each year on the second Thursday of March. This campaign is aimed at creating global awareness about the importance of kidneys for healthy living. It goes unsaid that our kidneys do play a significant role…